Montenegro is a safe haven for investors seeking a residence and a seafront second home in Europe. Scroll down to learn more

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Why Montenegro Is the Best Undiscovered Investment Opportunity

Posted by Ivan Cakarevic on November 6, 2017
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Demand is steeply rising for a flair of Montenegro’s blossoming lifestyle and promise of a handsome low-risk investment yield. It’s not so hard then to spot the reasons behind its fast-growing real estate market.

In a fast changing realm of international relations, investors from all over the world are in constant search for attractive and yet safe locations to invest their capital.

Montenegro is a small European country that has lately been successful in avoiding perceived turmoil connected with this part of South East Europe, and judging by the course of its external and internal policies, the country seems firmly determined to stay on its EU membership path.

On 5 June 2017 Montenegro became the youngest member of the NATO family and, according to The Guardian, this has been viewed as a historical shift towards the western alliance. The event also signaled a green light for investors to flock to the country and start investing in the best of what this country has to offer – development land and property on its pristine and diverse coastline.

Montenegro, Green Coastline, Budva, Dukely Gardens

The coast of Montenegro, pearl of the Mediterranean, is rich with history and culture, greenery and breathtaking landscapes, entertainment and adventure. What more could you want more for a second home destination?

Montenegro is a strong candidate for accession to the European Union, which sends a clear sign of the government’s economic and political aspirations. 

The number of tourists visiting Montenegro every year grows and by far exceeds the number of its citizens, while the government proactively invests in destination marketing and infrastructure to encourage visits from all over the world, and make everyone feels welcome in this small but vibrant and cosmopolitan country.

Montenegro just recently hosted the Global Citizenship Forum (GCF), a global think-tank event, where the country’s upcoming investment for citizenship program was announced. The GCF attracted great interest from the GCC investment community and was attended by major international businessmen, high-ranking government officials from the GCC and celebrities such as actor Robert De Niro and US rapper Akon.

As a member of the World Trade Organization, Montenegro is an important component in regional economic exchange, while the government has significantly reduced the amount of bureaucratic red tape with incentives for foreign direct investment (FDI).

Tourist arrivals Montenegro 2010 - 2016

In 2007, Montenegro ratified the Vienna Convention providing international investors with an additional layer of protection regarding their business ventures. Combined with the lowest corporate tax in Europe of only 9% (in comparison, Germany’s corporate tax rate is 29.79%, UK’s  19%, France’s 33.33% and Malta’s 35%), the Montenegrin government has created an attractive environment for investors looking for low risk opportunities with promising investment yields. Montenegro is 42nd on the World Bank Doing Business 2017 list, improving 35 places over the past 9 years, racing ahead of Israel, Hungary and even Luxembourg.

It’s not just the stats speaking in favor of Montenegro’s bright future. The amount of direct investment in the Montenegrin economy has significantly grown in the past few years and is already evident along its coastline. Almost every major coastal town is abundant with luxury villas and hotel resorts, and in addition to numerous projects yet to be undertaken, Montenegro is already drawing comparisons to Monaco and other glitzy spots on the French Riviera. 

Porto Montenegro Platinum Marina

The Porto Montenegro Marina is a dream come true for Yacht owners and aficionados. Fancy owning an apartment with a view of it?

It seems quite certain that the attractive coastal cities will keep flourishing with state-of-the-art property development projects, supported by the Montenegrin government’s prudent and investment-friendly policies that have to date produced a win-win relationship for both country and the investor community.

Montenegro’s hand is stretched out wide and offers bright opportunities to investors who are entrepreneurial and agile enough to take part in this new, up-and-coming economy of Europe. 

 You would be wise to be the proverbial early bird. Register your interest with Rooftop Capital and get exclusive guidance to procedures for and benefits from investing in real estate in Montenegro.

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